Alicia’s Wedding Vendor Wellness program is a game-changer. The wedding hangover is REAL and her thoughtfully crafted yoga practice targets the exact muscles I use while photographing a wedding. My body is so much happier the next day.

Thank you Alicia for designing such a nurturing and beautiful program!
- Suzanne

Your road to optimal health begins here.

The Wedding Hangover is Real
I have the solution
I have put together a program just for you!

"The best way to take care of your future is to take care of the present moment."
Thich Nhat Hanh

​Because taking care of YOU is just as important as taking care of your clients

​Alicia Parks is an artful teacher who brings her students knowledge, patience, empathy and an eye for the possible. Yoga with Alicia means I am kind to myself.

- Pat C.

​Alicia was my first yoga instructor. She still is my yoga instructor, and always will be my favorite. I love the soothing sound of her voice, the time she takes to explain and demonstrate poses, her gentle encouragement, the variety of her classes, and knowing she cares about the well being of each of her students.

- Mary G


I am a wedding photographer in California. I really need to feel better after my weddings so I got her program. I can't say enough wonderful things about it!
I did everything she said up to that week and after the wedding and it was amazing guys! I felt SO good!
I did all the things I needed to do to serve my clients and I didn't feel like I’ve been hit by a truck!

- Stephanie h.


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