As a Wedding Photographer and a Yoga instructor I have found that my passion for telling romantic stories through photography is as equally important to me as sharing the transforming benefits of Yoga.
I quickly realized, Yoga is a challenging exercise that creates deep relaxation and mental clarity. I recognized a desire to share the practice with others and teach professionally. 

I completed my Yoga Teacher Training at the Ananda Seva Mission, in Santa Rosa, CA in 2011 and since have taught over 2000 classes. 

I am especially interested in bringing Yoga into the lives of those who have never experienced the practice before. Seeing the benefits of the ancient traditions being discovered for the first time, including those who believed Yoga was not possible given their injuries or age, is one of her great delights.

I am constantly seeking new avenues to bring Yoga into the lives of those who have yet to discover its benefits, and to help experienced practitioners along the path to a deeper, more rewarding practice.


About ME

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My essentials

Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate, I bring a large water bottle with me to every job!

End the day with a self care routine!

Yoga, begin your day with a few stretches that will prepare your muscles for the long day ahead.

Greens! I love to bring my favorite cold pressed green juice for a midday snack. 

End the day with a self care routine!

Rest is just as important
as the hustle.

I believe we are better creatives when we are grounded

we take better care of our clients when we take better care of ourselves

I believe:




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