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Reduce shoulder and neck pain

Here’s how to reduce shoulder and neck pain

In the event industry, our job takes an intense physical toll on our bodies. So many of us carry heavy gear that over works so many of our muscles. As a yoga instructor, I have learned what poses and practices help strengthen and rejuvenate the body after these long days.

A wonderful yoga pose that relieves neck and shoulder pain is the half frog pose. The half frog is a backbend pose that targets the whole body. It is commonly used to help people who frequently lift heavy objects – which all event vendors do!

This pose strengthens the back while opening the shoulders, heart, and chest. The half frog is commonly done in a sequence with the cobra, bridge, reclining hero, down-ward facing dog. There are many other common heart opening poses that all have amazing benefits. This is super helpful and preps the body so we can carry all of our equipment during the wedding day. 

Shoulder pain from heavy gear

My favorite part about this practice is the mental health benefits that come from heart opening poses. They invite courage and vulnerability and help us face fears and handle difficult situations easier. The stretching and lifting of the chest while executing these poses help release emotions that have become pent up inside the body. 

I see many photographers carry their equipment on their shoulders but this can put stress on their shoulders, back and neck. In addition to adding yoga into your routine, I encourage my fellow photographer friends to look into switching up how you carry your gear and investing in two types of camera holsters, this way you have your equipment at your waist in some shoots and on your back for others. Give your shoulders a break from that constant strain.

This tied with the practicing of yoga should make your work easier. For me, this was a Game Changer! . 

I know first-hand the difficulties that come with being an event vendor. As I am finding new ways to make my jobs easier and my body healthier, I want to share those with you! I hope you find these practices as helpful and beneficial to your work-life as I do.

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