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Reducing Wedding Stress

Reducing wedding stress will make the day more enjoyable!

Weddings and Events can be stressful for the people hosting them, but oftentimes people forget how stressful it can be to be a vendor in this environment as well. We constantly choose to put ourselves in high stress situations and surround ourselves with people who are anxious, which can elevate our personal anxiety. It is often hard to leave those stressors at work, and not bring them home, but I am here to offer some simple solutions to letting go of those high intensities that could be weighing you down. 

Meditation, as a practice, has been conducted for thousands of years and is regarded as a mind-body complementary medicine. Practicing meditation can help produce a deep state of relaxation which enhances focus and sidelines stress, which is something everyone can benefit from. Meditation allows you to refocus by redirecting your attention to something calming and which gives people the opportunity to stay centered and find inner peace which will reduce wedding stress.


Since meditation increases mindfulness, your stress is decreased by simply recognizing and acknowledging what is causing you to be anxious and then just letting it be. This is you creating space for the stressors, which eventually ends up allowing them to soften over time. It does this because you are not trying to analyze or suppress the emotions, but giving them the space to exist but not consume you. 

This directly enhances both physical and emotional well-being. Your emotional well-being will be improved since you will have a heightened self-awareness, develop better stress management skills, reduce negative emotions, and gain a new perspective on stressful situations. Your imagination, creativity, tolerance, and patience tend to increase the more you meditate as well. Meditation also improves physical well-being by lowering heart rates and blood pressure and improving sleep quality. It is a practice that can be prescribed to people who suffer from sleep problems, anxiety, chronic pain, tension headaches, and depression. These are all physical side effects of our industry as well. 

The more you practice meditation, the longer its effects last. Your inner peace will be continuous and will extend into your day, past your meditation session. Keeping these practices in your back pocket will allow you to more easily separate your home and personal lives, while thriving in both spaces. Trust me, I know from first-hand experience how tense and anxiety inducing our industry. Meditation has been great for me and now I want to pass along ways it can benefit you too.

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